Submitted Papers

New Research Papers Submitted to NLAGA - BIRS 2023


I. Mathematical Modeling: Analysis, Control, Probability and Statistics 

  • Paper 1.Modulus of distortion of a double-connected domain (EYELANGOLI OKANDZE Rufin)
  • Paper 2. Distortion in a class of locally quasi-conforming maps (Rufin EYELANGOLI OKANDZE1 & Brayker Tendresse KALOUHOHIKO)
  • Paper 3. A New Krasnoselskii's Type Iterative Method For Hammerstein Equations With Monotone Mappings In Certain Banach Spaces (A. A. ADOUM, M. SENE, M. NDIAYE, AND N. DJITTE )
  • Paper 4. A Mann Type Iterative Algorithm For Bounded And Strongly Monotone Mappings in Certain Banach Spaces (M. NDIAYE, A.A. ADOUM, M. SENE, AND N. DJITTE)
  • Paper 5. Operators intertwinings With Translation Operators On Hypergroups (KOUAKOU GERMAIN BROU, IBRAHIMA TOURE)
  • Paper 6. A new fixed point theorem for system of inclusion problems in Banach spaces (Thierno M. M. Sow and Alioune Coulibaly)
  • Paper 7. Minimal Time of Null Controllability for the 1D Heat Fractional Equation by a Strategic Profile (Mame Libasse Laye Ane, Cheikh Seck and Babacar Diouf)
  • Paper 8. Variational Image Denoising based on Topological Optimization (El Hadji S. Diop, Ousmane Sarr, Alassane Sy and Maïmouna Mbow)
  • Paper 9. Multiplicative Noise Removal based on Variational Approach and Topological Optimization (El Hadji S. Diop, Ousmane Sarr, Siriky Diop and Alassane Sy)
  • Paper 10. Numerical shape optimization analysis for a metal jet electromagnetic forming inverse problem (Fagueye Ndiaye, Aliou Seck, Babacar Mbaye Ndiaye)
  • Paper 11. Mathematical Modeling of the Demographic Dividend Capture Applied in Economy. (Cheikh Gueye, Babacar Toumbou, Abdoulaye Diouf)
  • Paper 12. Optimal Covid-19 Control on Effectiveness of Detection Campaign and Treatment (Mouhamadou A.M.T. Balde, Sidy Ly, Ndeye L. Tendeng) 
  • Paper 13. Mathematical analysis of a two-patch Neisseria meningitidis serogroup A model (A. Oumar Bah, Mountaga. LAM, S. Bowong)
  • Paper 14. Generation and Structural characterization for randomly dispersed nonoverlapping spheres by Lennard-Jones potential based on Molecular Dynamics Simulations and the two-point correlation functions (Souleye KANE, Chamsi SAM, Mactar FAYE)
  • Paper 15. Anti-pandemic optimal control strategies and applications (Fulgence Mansal, Mouhamadou A.M.T. Balde  and Alpha O. Bah)
  • Paper 16. A numerical method using topological derivative forMaxwell equations (Mamadou Salif Diallo, Alassane SY)
  • Paper 17. Large deviations for Mckean-Vlasov jump-equations with subdifferential operator (Alioune Coulibaly, Thierno M. M. Sow and Mamadou M. Mbaye)
  • Paper 18. Nonparametric prediction and supervised classi cation for spatial dependent functional data under  xed sampling design (Mamadou NDIAYE, Sophie DABO-NIANG, Papa NGOM, Ndiaga THIAM, Patrice BREHMER, Yeslem EL VALLY)
  • Paper 19. Large Deviation Locally Periodic Depending Two Parameters (Ibrahima SANÉ, Jean DIATTA and Clément MANGA)
  • Paper 20. Existence in  alpha-norm of μ−pseudo almost automorphic mild solutions for mean field stochastic evolution equations (Mamadou Moustapha Mbaye, Amadou Diop and Moustapha Dieye) 

II. PDE and Inverse Problems

  • Paper 21. On The Eigenvalue Problem For Complex Hessian Operators (Papa BADIANE AND Ahmed ZERIAHI)
  • Paper 22. Hopf-Lax-Oleinik formula and Viscosity Solutions in the Affine Lie Group (Alioune Mbengue, El Hadji S. Diop, Bakary Manga, and Diaraf Seck)
  • Paper 23. Hamilton-Jacobi Equations and Mathematical Morphology in Pseudo-Riemannian Manifolds (El Hadji S. Diop, Alioune Mbengue, Bakary Manga. Diaraf Seck)
  • Paper 24. Existence of nontrivial weak solutions for some discrete p(:)-laplacian boundary value problems in n-dimensional Hilbert space with variable exponents (Idrissa IBRANGO 1, Dramane OUEDRAOGO and Aboudramane GUIRO)
  • Paper 25. Inverse problem for a parabolic equation in dimension 3 (Christophe Marie Gning, Fagueye Ndiaye, Diaraf Seck, Papa Ngom)
  • Paper 26. On a NonLinear Dirichlet Eighenvalue Problem (Rocard Mchel GOUTON, Aboubakar MARCOS and Diaraf SECK)
  • Paper 27. Traces Of Pluriharmonic Functions (Seny DIATTA, Souhaibou SAMBOU, Eramane BODIAN, Salomon SAMBOU and Shaban KHIDR)

III. Complex Analysis, Geometric Analysis

  • Paper 28. Criterion for the existence of  n-Einstein contact metric structures (Aïssa Wade, Ameth Ndiaye and Abdoul Salam Diallo)
  • Paper 29. On timelike Bonnet surfaces in Lorentzian 3-manifold (Athoumane Niang, Ameth Ndiaye, Adama Thiandoum)
  • Paper 30. On dual quaternions, dual split quaternions and Cartan-Schouten metrics on cotangent bundles of simple Lie groups (Andre Diatta; Bakary Manga and Fatimata Sy)
  • Paper 31. Almost Minimizing Geodesic Rays Infinite Type Hyperbolic Surfaces (Cheikh LO)
  • paper 32. Some Geometric Properties On Weil Bundle (ANDRE S. E. MIALEBAMA BOUESSO, BASILE G. R. BOSSOTO)
  • Paper 33. Metrics Induced By R^(6+k) On The Graph of k-Smooth Functions And The Hopf Conjecture (ATHOUMANE NIANG, THIERNO SECK AND ADAMA THIANDOUM)
  • Paper 34. Contact Structures Coming From Foliations On 2N+1-Closed Manifolds (CHEIKH KHOULE AND AMETH NDIAYE)
  • Paper 35. Some results on warped product η-Ricci-Bourguignon solitons (Moctar Traore, Ameth NDIAYE, Mansour Sane)
  • Paper 36. Complex structure on Pseudo-Riemannian Poisson manifolds

IV. Geometry Algebra and Applications

  • Paper 37. Algebraic Points of Given Degree on the Affine Curve C : y^2 + y = x^5 (El Hadji Sow and Moussa Fall)
  • Paper 38. Algebraic points of any degree on the affine curve y^2 = 3x (x^4 + 3) (Pape Modou SARR, Moussa FALL, Oumar SALL)
  • Paper 39. Hom-Akivis Color Algebras and Hom-Leibniz-Poisson Color Algebras (Ibrahima BAKAYOKO, Momo BANGOURA, Bakary MANGA)
  • Paper 40. Algebraic points of any given degree on the a ne equation curve : y^2 = x^5 + 6912 (Mohamadou M. D. Diallo, Cherif M. COLY, Moussa Fall)
  • Paper 41. Parametrization of algebraic points of low degree on the hyperelliptic curves of the a ne equations y^2 = x(x^2− n^2)(x^2 − 4n^2) (Moustapha Camara, Moussa Fall, Oumar Sall)
  • Paper 42. The Rozenberg-Zelinsky sequence for the category of the dyslectic Hopf Yetter-Drinfel’d (S;H)-module algebras (Christophe Lopez NANGO)
  • Paper 43. Points quartiques sur C2(7) (Chérif Mamina COLY, Mohamadou Mor Diogou diallo et Moussa fall)
  • Paper 44. Fourth Hankel Determiant Problem Based On The Janowski Function