Scientific Program

Scientific Program

The biennial's scientific program revolves around 7 guest speakers and the presentation of 24 new research papers.

Guest speakers will give 1 hour presentations and research papers will be presented in 30 minutes.

Guest Speakers. 

1 .Ahmed Zeriahi

  • Institution:  Emeritus Professor at the University of Toulouse 3-Paul Sabatier in France, Attached to the Institute of Mathematics of Toulouse (IMT).
  • Webpage:
  • Conference Title: Geometric Pluripotential Theory : introduction and applications.

2.  Jimmy Lamboley

  • Affiliation: Full Professor at Sorbonne university, in the laboratory IMJ-PRG, in Paris
  • Web page:
  • Conference Title: Blaschke-Santalo Diagram and Eigenvalues of the Laplace Operator

3. Volker Schulz

  • Affiliation: Professor, Department of Mathematics Building E Trier University, Germany
  • Web page:
  • Conference Title: From Shape optimization to Preshape Calculus 

4. Yuri Tschinkel 

  • Affiliation: Professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences New York university
  • Webpage:
  • Conference Title: Equivariant Birational Types

5. Gilles Courtois

  • Affiliation: Research Director, CNRS, Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu, Sorbonne University, Paris 
  • Webpage:
  • Conference Title: Cheeger-type Inequality for Differential Forms

6. Alexandre Girouard

7. Gérard Besson


New Research Papers 

I. Mathematical Modeling: Analysis, Control, Probability and Statistics 

Paper 1. Stability and Uniform Persistence Analysis of the Dynamics of Cytotoxic Cells with Crowley-Martin Functional response (Moctar Kande and Diaraf Seck)

Paper 2. Null Controllability by Birth Control for a Population Dynamics Model  (Yacouba Simporé, Babacar M. Ndiaye, Oumar Traoré, Diaraf Seck and Yacouba Simporé) 

Paper 3. Aedes Vertical Transmission Logistic Growth Mathematical Model for Assessing Arboviruses Maintenance in Environment: a Cauchy Problem and Positive Semi Group Approach  (Mamadou Sadio Ndongo, Papa Ibrahima Ndiaye, Ibrahima Faye)

Paper 4. Global Dynamics of a Spore Producing Pathogens Epidemic System with Nonlocal Diffusion Process  (Ramsès Djidjou-Demasse, Cassandra Lemdjo, Ousmane Seydi) 

Paper 5. Stochastic Reaction Network Modeling and Optimal Control for Covid-19 (Sidy Ly, Ndeye L. Tendeng, Mouhamadou A.M.T. Balde, Diene Ngom, Diaraf Seck)

Paper 6. Bayesian Selection of Adaptive Bandwidth in Non-Homogeneous Poisson Process Kernel Estimators for the Intensity Function.  (M. Badiane, P. Ngom and C. Manga) 

Paper 7. Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Log-Determinant Divergences  (Macoumba Ndour, Mactar Ndaw and Papa Ngom  

II. PDE and Inverse Problems

Paper 8. Study of the Shallow Water Equations with Variable Bathymetry in a Channel with Flather Open Boundary Condition.  (Alla N'guessan Fabrice,  and Adou Kablan Jérôme)

Paper 9. Almost Periodic Solution for Non Autonomous Non Densely Defined  Cauchy Problems (Mamadou Moustapha Mbaye and Ousmane Seydi) 

Paper 10. Homogenization of a Parabolic Equation with Random Coefficients : An Application to Sand Transport Equations (Babou Khady Thiam, Christophe Diédhiou) 

Paper 11. Uniqueness and Stability in an Inverse Problem for Electromagnetic Forming of a Metal Jet (Fagueye Ndiaye, Babacar Mbaye Ndiaye) 

Paper 12. Numerical and Theoretical  Analysis for  Optimal Shape Inverse Problems (Guillaume Itbadio Sadio, Aliou Seck and Diaraf Seck) 

III. Complex Analysis, Geometric Analysis

Paper 13. Algorithms for Nonlinear Integral Equation of Hammerstein Type with Phi-Monotone Mappings in Certain Banach Spaces (M.M. Gueye, J.T. Mendy and N. Djitte)

Paper 14. A Riemannian Point of View for a Quadrature Surface Free Boundary Problem (Ababacar Sadikhe Djité  and Diaraf Seck) 

Paper 15. Some Open Problems in Abstract Harmonic Analysis. (Kinvi Kangni)

Paper 16. A Study of Sharp Coefficient Bounds for a New Subfamily of Starlike Functions (Arjika Sama and Muhammad Arif) 

Paper 17. Resolution of ∂∂ ̄  for Differential Forms With Boundary Value in Currents Sense Defined on a Half Space of Complex Manifold. (Souhaibou Sambou, Winnie Ossete Ingoba, Salomon Sambou)

Paper 18.  Certain Contributions to the ∂ ̄-Problem (Shaban Khidr) 

Paper 19. Operator and Neumann Problem Acting on Superforms (Ibrahima Hamidine, Eramane Bodian, Salomon Sambou)

IV. Geometry Algebra and Applications

Paper 20. Self-Intersection on Pair of Pants (El Hadji Abdou Aziz Diop, Masseye Gaye) 

Paper 21. On the Closure of the Irregular Orbits of the Horocyclic Flow (Masseye  Gaye, Cheikh Lo and Amadou Sy)

Paper 22. Central Extensions and Hom-Quadratic Hom-Novikov Color Algebras (Ibrahima Bakayoko and Bakary Manga) 

Paper 23.  Algebraic Points of Any Degree on the Curve of Affine Equation  y^2 = x(x^2 +1)(x^2 +3) (Pape Modou Sarr , EL Hadji Sow, Moussa Fall , Oumar Sall )

Paper 24. On the Computation of the Topology of the Intersection Curve of two Real Parametrized Algebraic Surfaces. (Daouda Niang Diatta and Olivier Ruatta)