Our Research Team

The NLAGA Research Team is mainly composed by members from Senegalese and Nigerian Universities. The University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar (UCAD), from which comes the main part of the members of NLAGA project, was created in 1957 during the colonial period as the 18th french university. Once it became the first Senegalese University in 1970, the UCAD Department of Mathematics was lead by some Senegalese, former students of De la Barière, Samuel, Grothendieck, Lichinorovitch.

Since 1997, research in mathematics was reinforced at UCAD by a massive recruitment of Assistant Professors. These mathematicians have been trained essentially in France. The main part of NLAGA members already share the UCAD's Laboratory of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling (LM2A). New options will be open in this master, in which our partners will give advanced lectures. This will give us, in the framework of the project, students for research postgraduate training in Non Linear Analysis, Geometry and Applications.



We will not lack to mention our European partners who are from different universities of high quality (Pierre et Marie Curie, Orsay, Ecole Polytechnique de Paris, Cambridge, Rennes 1,...) and work in fields directly related to the focus of NLAGA project. These ten last years, despite the funding difficulties in Africa, at least about twenty mathematicians visited UCAD to participate to conferences, workshops and schools organized by members of the LM2A or for collaborations.