Mathematical Sciences for Understanding Real World Problems in Africa: Georgia Tech Meets Senegal”



  • Place: African Institute For Mathematical Sciences (AIMS-Sengal), M'bour

  • Dates: May, from the 18th to the 21st, 2015.

  • Local Organizers: Diaraf SECK (UCAD), Mouhamed Moustapha FALL (AIMS), Mamadou SY (UGB).

  • Description: This workshop was intended to gather different actors and researchers involved into the questions such as mathematical modeling, optimization, computer science, statistics and big data management applied to real life problems. The main objective was to set up a clear path where Georgia Institute for Technology (Georgia Tech) at Atlanta in USA and Senegalese universities can collaborate to tackle different pressing challenges in Senegal and more generally in the West African region.

    During four days, twenty four (24) talks, mainly in the areas of Partial Differential Equations and Differential Equations have been given by young Senegalese researchers. In addition to this, it is to be noted the presentations of American researchers and researchers from Burkina Faso. Five other presentations have been made in open areas not falling in the theme of this workshop, as Optimization, Cryptography, Real Algebraic Geometry, and Statistics. Two talks on the climatic phenomena have been given by members of the Laboratory of Physics of Atmospheres and Oceanography (LPAO) of the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar and the Agency for Civil Aviation and Meteorology (ANACIM). Finally two presentations on Nano Sciences in Mechanics of Solids and on the flow of a fluid have completed the list of interventions.

    This workshop brought together sixty three participants including 5 from USA, 1 from Australia, 1 from South Africa, 4 from Burkina-Faso, 2 from Nigeria, 1 from Mauritania, 1 from Ivory Cost and 48 from Senegal.


    A. Talks on Analysis, PDEs and Optimization May, 18th to 19th, 2015

    1. Abdoulaye Sene (UCAD)
    Title: Exact controllability of vibrating plate equation in fractional order space.
    Gilbert Bayili 
    Title: Control of the singularities of the heat and wave equations.
    Cheikh Seck
    Title: Computation of Singularities Coeffecients for bilaplacian operator in a domain with corner.
    Abdoul Aziz Fall
    Title: Strategies for controlling the spread of Hepatitis B virus in adult population.
    Léna Tendeng 
    Title: Stability analysis of a multi-group model of bilharzia.
    6. Mamadou Abdoul Diop 
    Title: Nuetral stochastic integrodifferential equations driven by a Fractional Brownianmotion.
    7. Evans Harell
    Title: Spectral insights into shape optimization
    8. Omar Niang
    Title: Approche EDP dans la modélisation de la Décomposition Modale Empirique: une petite histoire qui a commencé à Sanar.
    Daouda Sangaré
    Title: 'On the transport Equation
    Diéne Ngom 
    Title: Be-CoDiS: mathematical models to predict the spread of human diseases with real data. Application to the 2014-15 Ebola Virus Disease epidemic
    Moustapha Sène 
    Title: Strong convergence theorems for zeros of multivalued accretives operator in certain Banach spaces.
    Boubacar Diao
    Title: Existence, regularity and compactness properties in the $\alpha$-norm for some partial functional integrodifferential equations with finite delay.
    Alassane Sy
    Title: Identification of the Free Boundary in the American Options in financial enterprise, with the Topological Optimization Method.
    14.Ibrahima Faye
    Title: Long term behaviour of singularly perturbed parabolic degenerated equation.
    Christina Frederick 
    Title: Multiscale inverse problems for partial differential equations.
    Ibrahima Mbaye
    Title: Method of successive approximations for fluid structure interaction problem
    Modou Lo
    Title: Comportement asymptotique pour une classe d’équations intégrodifférentielles stochastiques de type neutre sur un espace de Hilbert.
    El Hadji Samba Diop
    Title: Robust and Adaptive Morphological Image Scale-Spaces based on Nonlinear PDEs
    Idrissa Ly
    Title: Regularity of a minimizer for optimal shape problem for the first eigenvalue of the p-Laplacian operator.
    Mouhamadou Ngom
    Title: Study of Phononic and Photonic Crystal Problems by Topological Optimization Method.
    21. Diaraf Seck 
    Title: When PDE meet Geometry in a pollution and an obstacle problems
    Timack Ngom.
    Title: Derivation and stability study of a rigid lid bilayer model.
    Babacar Leye
    Title: Une méthode d'éléments nis stabilisés et de maillage adaptatif pour les fluides de densités variables en milieux poreux.

     B. Open Talks 18-19 May 2015

    1. Ismaïla Diallo 
    Title: 'Land surface impact in regional climate simulations of the West African monsoon atmospheric water budget'
    2. Stephen Malone 
    Title:  Climate, Weather, and hydrology:  Modeling in developing countries by Georgia Tech researchers.
    3.Oumar Sall 
    Title: Elliptic curves for application in cryptography
    4. Daouda Niang Diatta 
    Title: Topology Computation of Real Algebraic Curves and Surfaces
    5. Pape Ngom
    Title: Minimum Penalized Hellinger Distance for Model Selection in Small Samples

    6. Balla. D. Ngom 
    Title: Multidiagnostic analysis of ion dynamics in laser ablation of Sm1-xNdxNiO3 in different background of Oxygen
    7. Cheikh Mbow 
    Title: Modélisation d’un Ecoulement de Convection Naturelle. Interaction Thermosiphon -Panache,
    9. Babacar Ndiaye
    Title: Using mobile phone data for Spatial Planning simulation and Optimization Technologies (SPOT)

    C. Talks and Strategic Meeting for Online Programs 
    1. Dorothy Nyambi
    Tilte: Bridging the gap between Mathematics and Real world Issues - The Case of a Co-op Masters Program.
    2. Charles Isbell
    Title: OMS CS: Lessons Learned while Creating a Real MOOC-based Masters of Computer Science.