Mathematical Interests

Our project concerns Non Linear Analysis, Geometry and Applications. One can describe it as two coherent branches with several tasks which have clear connections. The mathematical areas which link the different tasks of the project relate to Partial Differential Equations and Applications, Optimization and Optimal Transportation, Dynamical Systems and Geometric Control Theory, Computer Algebra and Real Algebraic Geometry.





The Non Linear Analysis and Applications branch coordinated by Pr. Diaraf SECK who works on Partial Differential Equations, Optimization and their Applications and the Geometry and Applications branch leaded by Pr. Moussa BALDE, a specialist of Geometric Control Theory and Dynamical Switched Systems.





 Branch 1: Non Linear Analysis and Applications

  • Task 1: PDEs, Optimization and Shape Optimization
  • Task 2: Homogenization and Kinetic Theory
  • Task 3: Controlability of Partial Differential Equations
  • Task 4: Stochastic Differential Equations and Biological Modeling
  • Task 5: Branched Transportation
  • Task 6: Urban Networks and Fish Stock Optimization Problems

Branch 2: Geometry and Applications

  • Task 7: Stability of Epidemiological and Switched Dynamical Systems
  • Task 8: Optimal Control and Sub-Riemmanian Geometry
  • Task 9: Geometry and Foliations
  • Task 10: Negative Curvature Geometry
  • Task 11: Real Algebraic Geometry and Robotics