Mr. DIATTA, PhD Student in Mathematics and Applications at the University Assane Seck of Ziguinchor.

Scientific Interests. I'm working on "The certified computation of the topology of real algebraic curves and surfaces" under the supervision of M-F ROY (University Rennes 1, France), D. N. DIATTA (University Assane Seck of Ziguinchor, Senegal) and G. MOROZ (INRIA Nancy, France). The certified computation of the topology of a plane algebraic curve given by its implicit  equation is one of the most studied problems in the field of algorithmic algebraic geometry and its complexity is now well understood. But the work on space curves and surfaces are much less numerous. My objective is to improve the algorithms for computing the topology of space curves and surfaces both from the point of view of their theoretical complexity and programming. My work will be based on recent results concerning the topology of plane algebraic curves.

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